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Where Women PRAY Together


Prayer & Consecration Season

First Lady's Note

We are SO EXCITED for this New Program

"Big Sisters / Little Sisters"

  • From Fall 2023 to Spring 2024, we'll engage up to 10 sister-sets to launch a new program @ Free D✨

By partnering across generational lines, we build spiritual bridges for women and girls that offer encouragement, Word-power and support for navigating faith in their daily lives.

With a dose of planned activities, a little touch of healthy competition, and a whole lot of prayer, each Sister-set has the potential to create lasting memories, lots of discovery, and even life-long friendships where God's purpose can prevail.

Pray with us as we take this new journey together in faith! 

Lady P.

August 2024 Women's Retreat
We invite you to share input as we pray & plan.
Which Free Deliverance Women's Retreat did you attend?
WHERE would you pay to attend a Christian Retreat for Women?
What is your greatest reason for attending?

Thanks for your input! Our planning committee will consider all submissions prayerfully.

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