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(1 Samuel 25:1-44)

With innocence like a dove, 
Abigail strategically navigates risky royal waters with the craftiness of a serpent.
And you'll never guess who the wolf
in her own den is!

by Fruitfully Living Women


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Logs, Dogs, Pigs & Pearls
by Steve Thomason


For a fun, reflective way to engage with the gospel...

Check out this Visual Meditation of Matthew 7


First Lady's Note

Both Sides of God's Woman


It's that special time of year when women of Free Deliverance dedicate listening prayers on behalf of those connected to, or in need of, Christ. We seek the Lord's response to one singular question, "God what do you desire for us and from us in the year ahead?"


I personally, am already intrigued by the pieces that God is already revealing. One thing's shaping up for certain: 2023 will be a powerful season of distinction.

No woman likes a snake, so why would God tell us to become like one?

In my prayers for you, God brought my attention to:

The Dichotomy of a Christian Woman

God is full of surprises! The gospel according to Matthew reveals that sometimes things aren't just 1 thing, but 2 sides of one thing. 

  • We are advised to embrace that two-sided nature as we share the gospel with others. We are to become like the dove AND the snake... whoa!  (Matt. 10:13-16)

  • Matthew also guides our awareness to investments in the Kingdom, and we are warned to protect the godly wisdom given to us. (Matt. 7:6)

As our relationship with God deepens, we long for the unabridged version of Him and ourselves. Knowing whose we are, is directly related to becoming who we are.


No donut-hole religion ahead. We will boldly embrace the grit and the grace that come with fully accepting God. And consequently, fully accepting the rags and the riches that make up his often-underestimated creation... us!

Join us in prayer, listening and heeding God's response as the new year approaches. Read the studies listed here. And always keep your ear to the heart of our great God.

Love you to Life!

Lady P.

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