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We pray together.
We serve together.
We laugh together.

We pray for one another.
We care for one another.
We help one another.

We strive to be Christ-like men putting our best foot forward to spread the good news about Jesus Christ. We strive to lead by example in how we serve the Lord, our church, our families, as well as our communities. 


With a strong body of believers in the spirit of unity, we can make a mighty impact for Christ! May we continue to stay committed to building His Kingdom and bring Glory to His Name!

His will...His way...His word!!!

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The heart is a vital organ
to the body.
God's greatest work happens in the heart of man.
Do you trust God
with your heart?



Words have great power. Refrain from using evil language, and  peace will

enter your surroundings much more quickly.



God gives a long list of things we should think about.
This leaves very little room
for thoughts which might cloud our good judgment.
Work the list.

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Join Our Brotherhood
in Faith

The Men of God at Free Deliverance are just simple "Fishers of Men." They don't welcome you in and abandon you. They meet you where you are and lead you to the warmth & passion of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Carl D. Parris

A word from some of our Ministerial Team...

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"About 15 years ago I came to Free Deliverance as a former pastor. My marriage had ended. I was in a real dark place. I wasn't back-sliden, I was just through with God. I felt God had forgotten and forsaken me. It was during that time that Pastor Parris Sr reached out to me. When no one else cared, he cared. He poured life into me. He prayed for and with me. He made me feel that I mattered. That my life mattered and that I had purpose. That spoke life to me. As a result, I am here at Free Deliverance. I don't know where I would be but I know I wouldn't be at Free Deliverance if it wasn't for Pastor Ulysses Parris. Over the years I've begun to function. I've preached and taught Bible studies. I owe an eternal indebtedness to the spiritual guidance of the leadership and membership of Free Deliverance Church. Pastor Carl Parris has been instrumental in my journey after the transition of "Dad" Parris. His leadership under the auspices of the Holy Ghost, is why I decided to take the step to become an "official" member of the Free Deliverance Church."

James Sconiers, Elder

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